Yuri Milner

Science and Technology Investor

Both scientists and tech entrepreneurs ask big questions about reality – the physical, biological and social worlds – and imagine solutions. Solutions that deepen our knowledge and enrich our lives. But both kinds of discovery are hard, and involve risk-taking, meaning they need present investment to secure future rewards. Yuri Milner’s investments focus on the following areas:

Internet Technology

Yuri is founder of DST Global, one of the world’s leading technology investors, with a portfolio that has included some of the most prominent internet companies.

Science Philanthropy

Yuri is the founder of the Breakthrough Prize Foundation, which supports leading researchers in fundamental science and mathematics, helps spread scientific ideas to the next generation, and invests in cutting-edge space programs.

He is a co-sponsor of the Breakthrough Prizes, the world’s largest science awards, and founder of the Breakthrough Initiatives, a suite of major astronomical and space science programs searching for life beyond Earth and developing the first practical interstellar space probe.

Yuri and his wife Juila have joined the Giving Pledge.